Thursday, December 10, 2009

So much fun at the Open House!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting in person, two people I met on the Canadian Thread on Etsy. This group of mostly women, and a couple gents, have been a daily connection for me and it was fun to finally now put a face to the name of two more. Shannon from ShannonsIrishBliss generously let us take over her house for the show and indeed we did. There were seven of us displaying our goods. Included in that seven was Wendy from Pook&Thy. If I say it was pleasure to meet them it will sound cliché but it really was a pleasure. What could be better than a relaxed atmosphere, friendly conversations, lots of laughs and the most amazing shortbread cookies by Shannon. Yes, Wendy, (I still like to call you Pook) I liked the cheese you brought as well!!

Here's a couple pictures of us:

Shannon, me and Wendy.

Don't ask me about this one but Wendy made us do it!
Hopefully we can do it again sometime!


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