Monday, October 24, 2011

New in the Shop Today

I found these fabulous stone beads on a trip to downtown Toronto last Friday.  I couldn't wait to get home and play with them.  I just love how this necklace turned out.  For me you can never go wrong when combining blue and green.

Another addition to my Glam Allure earrings.  I've always been drawn to sparkly things and my collection of vintage glass jewels is a favourite of mine.  Today I listed these fabulous green earrings that would be perfect to wear or give as a gift for Christmas.  Yes, I said it Christmas...only 61 shopping days left!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wordplay - Grateful

Hand embroidered wall art by Violet.

So simply said. Print by vol25.

Perfect for journal keeping by worldofwhit.

I'm a sucker for play on words and love this print by albiedesigns.

Some lovely things I found on Etsy this morning.
Thank you for looking.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Summer Fades to Autumn

It is feeling much more like fall today.  It's still a decent 18 degrees but it's cloudy and raining on and off.  Within a couple of days leaves have fallen and you can hear them crunch underfoot.  We've quickly gone from summer weather to more of what you would expect for fall.  We still haven't had the heat on yet although I'm sure that's just around the corner and I'm still wearing sandals and capris.  Quite quickly I'm going to look out of place, not to mention chilly.

Last weekend we were still enjoying our garden in sunshine and t-shirts.  I loved having a moment to watch the birds and I love the unexpected fall blooms.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time for a Facelift

Sometimes you just need a change.   A pick me up.  Perhaps a new shade of lipstick and a little makeover.  I was feeling this way with my website design. When I originally opened up my online shop I loved the look of brown and turquoise blue with the soft florals. That was well over three years ago now and I was growing tired of it and longing for a change. So, I decided to give my website a bit of a facelift. It wasn't the best of timing with the busy Christmas season just ahead but once it was in my head I just couldn't look back.  I've been working very hard behind the scenes updating, freshening up and ironing out any wrinkles and now it's finally ready for it's grand entrance.
See my new website here: nancywallisdesigns

I love the black damask paired with the pink.  It's modern and feminine and I think it's the perfect complement to showcase my designs.

Newly listed pearl and black onyx necklace.

What do you think?

Do you remember about the surprise I mentioned yesterday?  Well this is part of it but there's more to come! Stay tuned!

My new look has also been carried over to my etsy shop where you can also find all my designs.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

What an amazing weekend of weather, food and family time.

The apple trees were bare but there were a few fall raspberries left to pick.  You had to go in deep to get the ripe ones so we sent in Sydney. :)

Pumpkin hunting in tank tops and sandals.  It really felt strange.  You were feeling summer but seeing fall all around you.

Sydney took this cool shot of us on the wagon ride. You're never too old for a wagon ride are you?!!

Now here's your more typical at the farm picture on Thanksgiving weekend.

Who could have predicted 27 celcius and humid?  We'll have to remember this in the depths of winter.

Hope you all had a relaxing and happy Thanksgiving weekend.

I've got some surprises coming up this weekend.  Shh! It's a secret!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday  have a hard time being wordless.
I love this last one...a rainbow of rocks from the ocean.
Hidden Falls in Sheaves Cove, Newfoundland.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A time for Comfort Food

I made this delicious cake on Sunday.  It's one of the best desserts I've made in a while.  It's the kind that produces oohss and aahs as the first bite is tasted.  The light textured cake is filled with fresh apple chunks and cinnamon.  It's lovely and moist and not too sweet.  It becomes absolutely mouth watering, gorgeous when you drizzle the warm, homemade caramel sauce on top. The sauce definitely raises the sweetness level but when you mix in the cake and apple with each forkful it's bliss for your mouth.

(If you find this recipe a little too small to read
 just click on it and the link will take you to the full size version.)

The recipe is from Trish Magwood's latest cookbook, In My Mother's Kitchen.  I bought it for myself in the spring and have made several recipes from it so far.  It's filled with recipes that are great for the family and gatherings.  They're easy and accessible and produce delicious results with lots of accompanying photos (which I love).  None have disappointed and some have left me feeling nostalgic for my childhood.

 I even love the picture in the inside cover of recipe cards sprawled over a table.  Some yellowed and stained, bent with use, most are handwritten.  I miss recipe cards.  Do you remember when most homes would have a little stack of blank recipe cards tucked in a drawer ready for the coveted question...Can I have the recipe for that?

recipe cards and box by 1Canoe2

We'll be making this again this weekend to serve at Thanksgiving dinner.