Friday, June 25, 2010

What's in your Garden?

Look what I spotted in our garden this week.

I know these rabbits can be so destructive in the garden but this sweet little baby was so cute to watch. I'm sure his family was pretty happy when we planted our new vegetable garden this year. 'What? All of this for us? Ah, you shouldn't have.' So far so good though as we do seem to be sharing it. They have helped themselves to a couple of lettuce plants but not all of them. Hopefully we can coexist happily.

Today we will get our second shipment from the farmshare that we purchased this year. It's exciting to see what vegetables we will get this week. Stay tuned...


  1. oh my heavens, nancy!

    that's the best photo ever- and so fun for you!

    yay cute!

  2. We see a lot of bunnies in our front and back yards, but I have to say--none as cute as this one! Great photo, Nancy.

  3. aw, what a cutie and a great pic!


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