Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a New Year. It's a New Look.

Well, it was definitely time and long overdue. My old blog design was getting a bit dull and I wanted to brighten  it up and have something that was more a reflection of me (or at least the me I want to be on some days). 

Positive thinking, happy, thankful and making each day matter. (Don't worry I'm not going to go all "Oprah" on you.)  One can't change completely overnight - and that's probably a good thing but I guess with the new year comes a sense of a new beginning.

In the past while, I've been struggling with things to post (hence my very few postings).  What could really be interesting enough to write about let alone have someone else want to read?  I'm still not really sure but I thought I'll just share the things that interest designs, the ups and downs of owning your own business, cooking, recipes, photography, home decor, travel and of course my family.

So in the spirit of new beginnings, I know a good breakfast is the best start to the day (one of my new year's resolutions), but after that it's definitely a fresh, hot cup of coffee for me.  As my computer opens to a new day I pour some into one of my favourite mugs.  I imagine you might even do the same as we share a moment.  The house is quiet for a few hours now and I can organize my day.  A new day.

Coffee's on...welcome to a little bit of my life.


  1. A beautiful and welcoming new look. Congratulations and Happy New Year.


  2. Just wanted to say hi from Croatia! I am for the first time wisiting your blog, and have to say it is very nice and stylish.. I ´ll be glad to visit it again. Nice work!


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