Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drawer by Drawer.

Well, I must say my new year plans are going along pretty smoothly.  If you knew what kind of week I've had you'd be pretty impressed (small kitchen fire, credit card fraud).  Really? What's next??!!

Anyways, my organization plans are slowly but surely happening.  Today's accomplishment...cutlery drawer.

Ok it seems pretty silly now that it was left for months because it actually took me less than 15 minutes to clean and sort.  I bought a new drawer organizer at Winner's last week and it worked out quite well - it even gives me an extra spot to keep those measuring spoons that we are always searching for.

It went so fast it actually left me some time to sort out the kitchen utensil drawer below it.  The bonus cleaning this drawer was that way in the back with the crumbs I found an earring I had lost a couple of months ago.  I had searched everywhere in the house - well, not the kitchen utensil drawer because who would think to look there for an earring?  I guess we should be lucky my earring didn't fall into somebody's dinner!

Ok so maybe kitchen renos are not in our budget right now but at least we can have an organized one in the meantime.

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  1. I'm impressed. My kitchen drawers are all stuffed to the gills and beyond messy. Funny, cleaning them wasn't on my "list" of resolutions ;)


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