Monday, December 22, 2008

A Rug to Warm your Soles (and Paws)!

Last week I was lucky enough to receive my rug from fiveforty. It's a gorgeous mixture of blues, greens and even some purple. It's so well made and cushy under your feet, it's just a delight for bare toes to step on. Pegg does such gorgeous work and I appreciate all the time and thought that goes into creating a rug like this.

I tried it in our kitchen first and I had no sooner placed it on the floor and our dog Mabel was over to inspect. Next thing I knew she was lying down on it. I think she thought she had received the most wonderful early Christmas present. I was thinking more along the lines of a few dog treats and a long walk but hey, I guess she felt this year was her year for an upgrade!

The next day I was moving 'my' rug around the house to find the perfect spot and guess who I had running around my feet and jumping up and down!
In the spirit of Christmas I'm willing to share 'my' rug - but does this look like a dog who shares the same thought?!!


  1. OOoooh. That look in her eye says "don't you dare move my rug again!"

    One of these days I shall own a fiveforty rugg too.

  2. That adorable dog has fabulous taste! Looks like you might have to buy another rug for the rest of the family.

  3. Oh Nancy, Mabel is a sweetheart, just look at how much she loves that rug!! You were so kind to buy it for her!!
    I am happy that you are happy with it, it means a lot to me that my ruggs are loved in their new homes!!

  4. LOL - that's hilarious! clearly, mabel has excellent taste. your rug is a beauty, nancy. thanks for the big chuckle.


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