Thursday, December 18, 2008

Super Duper Secret Santa

A group of Canadian Etsians are participating in a Secret Santa exchange this Christmas. Since this was my first Christmas at Etsy it was also my first exchange. I must say I had so much fun putting my goodies together. I hope she likes it! (Though I did it so secretively she might never know it's from me!!)

I had the loveliest package arrive this week. It was my Secret Santa package and it was from Jenn of CrazyBliss. Jenn is an incredibly talented artist. I loved her shop the minute I set eyes on it. In fact she was one of the first shops I bought from when I joined Etsy. I just love the expression she puts on her cats and people and I love the vivid colours that she uses. I had previously asked about having her do a custom painting of our dog and look what Jenn sent me as my gift.

I just can't believe it. How thoughtful. How generous. How Jenn!

My package included:
  • a 5 x7 original art work of my dog Mabel. So cute!
  • 2 prints of Mabel for both my daughters- so thoughtful!
  • 2 sets of bubble bliss magnets - love them!
  • 2 adorable cat magnets and,
  • a set of sweet note cards.

Wow! I know I'm a lucky girl.

I'm so glad I met Jenn on the Canadian forum and so many other talented Etsians that I'm happy to call my friends. As new as on-line friends are for me you have all become a meaningful part of my daily life. You helped me get started as a 'newbie', you've supported me through the ups and the downs and you have most certainly made me laugh. Thank you!

Merry Christmas everyone! Here's to a very happy new year for all!


  1. That is indeed a wonderful package!!

  2. oooooh! You are lucky Nancy! I love Jenn's shop too. What a cute painting of your doggie.

  3. What a great santa you had there! The doggie is way cute!

  4. oh i'm so glad you liked the package nancy! it was my absolute pleasure!

    thanks to willowcat for organizing the secret santa. i had so much fun and love all my new online friends too. :)

    merry christmas everyone!



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