Friday, May 22, 2009


Claude Monet
No vacation has ever affected me like this one did. Full days of walking through museums, churches and old buildings provided what was almost an overstimulation of artwork and history. Weary feet and tired eyes at the end of the day could barely take in any more beauty. This time away allowed me to rest my head of everyday stresses and open my mind. Creatively, my head is in a wonderful place. It's full of colours and visions and thoughts. The visions I can't complete at the moment I scribble and draw on scraps of paper so I won't lose the image.

Although this image of Waterlilies, Matin is small and so tiny compared to the floor to ceiling sized canvases I was lucky enough to see in the Musee de L'Orangerie it still can pinpoint my inspiration. The right hand side of this painting is a gorgeous mixtures of aqua blues and greens.

Here's my interpretation ....Waterlilies ~ glass and copper earrings.

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