Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Point of View

My husband and I were very fortunate this year to have been able to travel to Italy this summer. It was an amazing eight days! The first leg of our trip was with my husband's company and then we spent the last three together on our own.

With incredible timing we managed to take off before the tornadoes hit Toronto. I am really glad I heard about this weather after the fact! We later learned we must have been one of the last flights out until after the storm had passed. We knew other friends with later flights that sat on the tarmac for over 3 hours. Of course, for others there were many missed connections due to the delays, redirections and needless to say many lost bags.

So really, our flight was quite uneventful - the way that I like it. We were on a big jumbo jet, the kind that has the second level and to our surprise that's where our seats were. They're just regular, economy seats in the upper deck, no bar or disco dance floor as my husband had hoped but kind of fun anyways. We flew Toronto to Paris and then Paris to Naples. With only an accumulation of 15 minues sleep on the first flight I was pretty tired landing in Paris but we made the most of our 2 1/2 hours. We bought a great cup of coffee and a fresh pastry in the Paris terminal and we managed to snag two lounge chairs and rest our eyes a bit before our next flight.

I think we were served a light breakfast on this next flight. I no longer knew what meal my body wanted or even if it wanted anything at this point. I just ate what was put in front of me. On a flight it's like an event, you earnestly watch the flight attendant as they approach your seat until they pass you your plastic tray. You carefully eye the food as you unwrap your plastic dinnerware. I've never been so excited about a plain semi-fresh muffin and a strawberry yogourt before! Ah, 15 minutes have passed. What will happen next? Coffee, tea some water perhaps? How am I going to wake the guy next to me so I can get up and go to the washroom? Should I wake him up? I have to wake him up! I can't sleep on a plane. I haven't slept at all. I have to get some sleep! I want to get off this plane. I wonder if my luggage will be there?...ah, the ramblings of my mind while flying. Next thing I know, as I finally feel like I've started to doze off a rather loud announcement is made declaring that we are making our descent and we will arrive in about 30 minutes. Couldn't they tell us this in 30 minutes?!!
We arrive in Naples.
...stay tuned.

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