Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let me introduce...

...Annie, a lovely mourning dove.

We discovered Annie, and her somewhat absent mate Oscar on Sunday night while eating our dinner. They have most graciously set up shop on our large climbing shrubs just outside one of our kitchen windows. They have even managed to place their nest low enough that while standing on a chair we will be able to peek into the nest. So far, Annie has not moved from the nest when we are looking but from what I've read it's likely there should be two eggs.

For such a large bird, the nest is quite flimsy looking. They have also picked a spot where the branches easily get caught in the wind. In fact, we were just about to trim this shrub quite far back because the branches brush up against the window until we made this discovery.

Today it is pretty cool and windy but Annie is calmly sitting there as she is blown back and forth. Hopefully Oscar shows up with some food soon.


  1. Ohh very cool Nancy, how luck y you are to be able to watch her!
    and wow you have leaves already!!

  2. so sweet nancy!
    and yay to that greenery!

  3. very cute! we had a morning dove setup nest in our cilantro on our fire escape last spring. check out the photos here.


    Its actually really fun because the children come back often and hang out on the firescape and chirp away.

  4. She is beautiful and I love their singing Lucky you!


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