Thursday, April 29, 2010

Robin in the "Rain"

It was almost two weeks ago when we spread a blanket of topsoil on our lawn, sprinkled grass seeds and crossed our fingers that we would have a lawn again. Since that day, and probably for days before that, we have not had any rain. So strange for the month of April.

So, I have a new morning ritual. After the girls leave for school I go out and position the hose and sprinkler and water the lawn. We don't have a large front yard but in order to do this with the least amount of waste, catch all the lawn area and not soak anyone while walking on the sidewalk (which is strangely not considered by many neighbours) I have to position it three different ways. It really doesn't take that long and has become a soothing, calm way to start the day.

Almost immediately, when turning on the sprinkler two little robins arrive. I look forward to their arrival and amuse at them skittering in and out of the sprinkler. They are just like a couple of kids. In getting closer to them over the days I'm pretty sure one is a mature male (maybe Dad) and the other one looks like a teenager, though I'm not much of a bird expert.

Here's the little guy from this morning. Isn't he cute? I must sound just like a proud Mama. Well, Mama Nature maybe - at least that's what I'd like to think. It's such a great feeling when you've had a hand in growing something and the fact that I can make a couple of birds have a better day as well is even better.

Annie update: For those of you who read my blog from a couple of days ago you would know that we have mourning doves nesting outside of our kitchen window. Annie is still in the nest (we have not seen her leave it). She is vigourously protecting her eggs through the fairly heavywinds and cool air. And, Oscar did make an appearance again a day ago - although he is a bit camera shy.

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