Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fall Forward into the new Colors of the Season

Image from Pantone
Definitely a bolder collection of colors compared to 2011.  This year's colors mix bolds, brights and neutrals.  At first glance the colors read almost too strong for me but sitting back I can see how they could play beautifully together in fashion and in my home.  Lately I've been moving to a more neutral palette on my walls  but if not careful this can lead to a boring room.  Color brings a room alive. Bringing some of these colors in with fabrics and accessories can really make a room go from ho hum to va voom.

Cheer up your deep brown sofa in French Roast with zesty pillows in Pink Flambé and Tangerine Tango.  Think of mixing the warmth and softness of Honey Gold with accents in bold Olympian blue.  For a softer look pair Titanium with Rhapsody and Rose Smoke and if your adventurous add some pops of Bright Chartreuse to the mix. oh la la!

The most important thing with color and trends is to have fun with it.  You'll see these colors in fashion, furniture, bedding, home decor and more.  Add a splash here and there to give your room an instant update.

What's your favourite color from this new line up?  Stay tuned for some more ways to play with the new trends this fall.

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