Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Year Ahead for a Scorpio.

Yesterday was my birthday and as a tradition I looked up some birthday horoscopes.  I know they are often quite silly and mostly amusing but I had fun reading these ones this year.

Image: http://www.timegenie.com
I liked these excerpts:

...Put creativity and effort into your domestic life.  Make a move or fix up your digs...    Better quit thinking and get those colours picked and start painting!

...Sometimes you might want more privacy, but because of your increasing popularity, this could become a burden.  (hehe)

...Although Mercury retrograde begins in Sagittarius, it slips back into Scorpio.  This means you'll be dealing with ex-partners and running into people from your past.  (no doubt this will happen while running to the post office in my yoga pants and no make up - that's usually when I see people I haven't seen for years!!)

Allow extra time for everything you do because you will be dogged by delays and silly errors.  (oh dear!)

My Chinese Horoscope: Dragon.
This is a day when you should be full of confidence in your ability to succeed.  You can be especially encouraging to people who don't share your attitude.  Fear of failure can make people hide and avoid taking risks.  Sometimes the best way to learn is by making  mistakes.  (hey, this works out with the fact I'll be dogged  by silly errors!)

This one though was my favourite and actually quite hopeful.

...No doubt you can find an excuse for giving up on a long-term goal, but you have come so far and achieved so much, why waste all that now?  Your birthday chart indicates you are so close to success - so keep at it.  (and I will!)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday!

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