Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary!

It's hard to believe but today I am celebrating my 5th anniversary on Etsy.  My Etsy shop has taken me to places that at one point I could have only dreamed about.  Knowing that something I designed is being worn and loved by a woman across the world is something pretty special.  I've had so many lovely conversations with customers and I've been so happy to be part of their weddings, birthdays and Valentine's gifts or just a part of their everyday life.  I thank all of you for your wonderful support!

This spring I've introduced some gorgeous colours into my designs.  Bright yellows, corals and orange. Mint greens, periwinkle blue and turquoise.  A perfect way to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe.
  • Colour Block necklaces.  So fashion forward and perfect for your summer!
  • Stretch bracelets with glass beads and semi-precious stones in vibrant colours and sterling silver accents.
  • Vintage glass jewel earrings in opaque brights.  
  • My Lemon Cloud Necklace was in a design contest this month.  Although I didn't win it was fun to have been asked to participate and be a part of a group of jewellery designers from around the world. Thanks to all those that voted! ❤

To celebrate my anniversary please use this Coupon code: HAPPY5TH  to save 15% of your purchases. (excludes custom orders) 

Coupon expires April 28th, 2013. (11:59 p.m. EST)

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