Saturday, March 29, 2014

Quick Spring Update for your Kitchen Counter - 10 easy steps to freshen it up!'s been a while.  Actually it's been almost a year since my last post.  I was feeling like I needed a break from posting and I guess it was true.  If you're a first time reader thanks for dropping in and if you've been here before welcome back.  It's nice to be here!

While I'm waiting for spring to appear outside my window I decided that a little spring cleaning is in order for our kitchen.  I've been debating for a while about our kitchen backsplash.  Last summer I painted the kitchen walls a light grey and I ended up leaving the backsplash its painted yellow colour.  I was thinking about tiling it and then I thought I would do those Smart Tiles but never could decide and then didn't do anything about it.  Two days ago I decided to just paint it.  Eventually we will have to invest some money into updating our kitchen and any tiled backsplash installed would have to be removed so why spend the money and time to install it.

Paint is my good friend and such a quick fix.  I decided to go with Pale Sea Mist from Benjamin Moore.   It may not look that different in pictures from the yellow but it is definitely green and such a fresh pretty one that it instantly brightens up the kitchen.

Pale Sea Mist (2147-50) Benjamin Moore
1. Paint your backsplash to add some colour and freshen it up.


2. Clear off and clean everything from the counter.

Our kitchen area is not that big.  We have very little storage space and because of this we do store some of our appliances and kitchen things in our basement.  It was time to clean up and clear out.  Things we didn't use often I relocated to cupboards.

3. Return only the items you use regularly.

 A kitchen also has to be functional though and things that we use all the time have to be handy.  I just have to face it we'll never have that magazine spread look but would I really want it to not look like our family lives here, cooks here, bakes here, eats here?  I don't think so. Our kitchen really is the centre of our home.  It's the place where we all meet for dinner.  We've laughed here, talked here, danced here and even cried here.

4. Clean your cupboard doors and handles.  If needed swap out some new shiny chrome or brushed nickel hardware to give an instant boost.


I like to have things easily accessible so I have a canister containing our kitchen utensils near our stove.  I managed to find some pretty blue utensils to replace old and broken ones.

5.  Add a canister or crock to store kitchen utensils.

Clean and cull your kitchen utensils.  If you don't use them regularly store them in a drawer or elsewhere.  Another trick if you're not ready to throw them out or give them away is to store in a box and date the box.  If you haven't gone back to use it in a certain period of time (say 6 months-1 year) you likely don't need it.

6. Add containers to hold cleaning products.

I added a little ceramic crock next to the stove to store the smooth top range cleaner, a scrub and the razor blades I use to keep it clean.

7. Buy new dish towels.

These robin egg blue ones are perfect to go with my green and blue theme.  Also, warn your family that these are show towels for at least 24 hours. After that it's a free for all and I know to see tomato sauce and peanut butter on them.  :)  


8.  Sort items into areas.  We enjoy a tea sometimes in the afternoon or in the evening so I set up a little tea nook on the microwave.  I used a large rectangular plate to hold some tea boxes and a little dish to hold some loose tea bags.

If you use sugar add a small dish of sugar cubes.
If you have a coffee machine add of bowl of your favourite coffee capsules.

9. Change your electrical plates over to white decora ones.  (We still need to do this but the replacements have been purchased just need the time to do it!)


10. Personalize your space.  I added artwork that I really love above the stove and by the tea nook.  I purchased two beautiful prints from my sister Kathy of Trowel and Paintbrush and they look just perfect!

Berries and Leaves Watercolor Painting by Kathleen Maunder

Tea Watercolor Painting by Kathleen Maunder

All in all this was a quick transformation.  It took me less than 5 hours total to do the cleaning, painting and putting back what I needed.  24 hours later it's still clean but only because I'm guarding it and everyone happens to be out this afternoon.  It will be back to its happy 'ol state of kind of, sort of clean by tonight! :)

 Do you have any good tips for a quick makeover in your kitchen? Share them in the comments I'd love to hear them.

Have a wonderful weekend friends it's nice to be back!


  1. It looks great, Nancy! I love the colour. Five hours for everything is impressive. Thanks so much for making my prints part of your kitchen makeover.

    1. Thanks Kath! I really love the colour too. I was a bit hesitant about it when I first put it on the wall but quickly came to love it. It's just the boost this tired old kitchen needed...and the prints suit it perfectly!! :)

  2. Ohhhh so pretty and so fresh. The watercolors are absolutely GORGEOUS too. Great job Nancy! Beautiful artwork Kathleen!


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