Thursday, September 4, 2008

Going on a Treasury Hunt

Well it's been a few weeks since I last had a treasury on Etsy. It was just good timing when I finally snagged this one on Tuesday. When I realized that the treasuries would open in a few minutes I was first stuck with the dilemma of what to call it. How can I name it when I don't even have the items to put in it yet? All I knew was that I was thinking of fall and warm sweaters and my heart was literally smiling that day. So "Warm and fuzzy" it was. In my head I was thinking of rich browns but next thing I knew I had found a beautiful deep purple yarn from larimeloom and then some felted wool ponies in beautiful fuschia and lavender from valeriesgallery. All the rest followed after that.

I love the creative process in making a treasury. Whether you're guided by your emotions that day, colour combinations, places you want to travel to, silly inspirations or just the desire to highlight fellow etysian artists that you admire it's a wonderful way to give a little peek of yourself to others.

After you've loaded all your selections you can sit back and hope that others enjoy it as well. If you're lucky your treasury might even end up on the front page (a coveted award for any treasury maker). One day maybe I'll join that club but right now I'm just happy when that little box appears at the bottom of the treasury list prompting you to submit your title for your next treasury. Who knows where the next one will take you..


  1. What a nice way to describe the treasury process.

  2. this post is as warm as your treasury, nancy. :)

  3. I love the colors of your warm and fuzzy treasury. You did an amazing job! I am going to add your blog link into my treasury blog today too. It is such a wonderful process in creating a treasury. I love it!


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