Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spreading the Love

I think I've mentioned before how I enjoy making treasuries on Etsy. It's fun. It's creative. When all the stars happen to be aligned and I have the time, I'm at the computer at the right time and a treasury opens up it's pure pleasure filling in the twelve spots with gorgeous Etsy finds.
Last night I had the excitement of one of my treasuries making the front page. Can I say Whoa Hoo! I actually wasn't home at the time to see it in person but luckily was able to retrieve a screen shot. It was also great to find out that two of the items have sold. Sweet felted acorns by reyaveltman and a gorgeous bracelet by stringmealong. Awesome!

I've 'met' some really nice people from the treasuries, whether they were in one of mine or I was lucky enough to be featured in their treasury. The beautiful scarf in 'Shades of Maple' treasury was made by solidartcollective. (Check out her shop for other beautiful crocheted scarves!) I was thrilled to see I have been featured in her blog . Thank you so much!

Last week, also through a treasury I was featured in a blog by Celeste the super nice owner of cricketscreations who also makes gorgeous scarves. With the weather getting cooler I guess I've been drawn to all the beautiful knitwear on Etsy lately! All I can say is thank you, I really appreciate it!

Etsy is a great place to meet people with similar interests. I mean what was the chance of me meeting two great women from Utah and Colorado if it hadn't been for Etsy and making a treasury.

Who knows what my next treasury will bring and who I might meet. You can still visit my current treasurywest 'Darkened Skies' until Thursday at 11:26 p.m. Spread the love and don't forget to 'click'!


  1. I love making treasuries too, when you can grab one. I haven't been able to in a while


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