Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Obsession.

It was a happy day yesterday when I went to my mailbox and found my package of supplies had arrived. I really didn't expect it to arrive for a few more days so it was extra special. No sooner had I ripped open the envelope and I was grabbing my jewellery tools. I've had fun playing with copper in the last few weeks so I had ordered more and also something new: brass and gunmetal. The brass daisy bead caps were even nicer in person and I had to use them right away. The result are these earrings. I call them Fairy Mist. They make me think of giant waterdrops that have landed on a flower petal in a fairy forest. The seagreen firepolish beads are gorgeous and have such subtle colour shifts.

It's amazing how such a small package can spur you on to creative delight. You jewellery artists out there know the feeling when you come out of a beading store with such a small bag and a $100 receipt in your hand. But what lies in that bag is pure excitement, enjoyment and creative satisfaction.

Enjoy your day, as I know I will, happily lost in my beads.


  1. Gorgeous earrings Nancy with an equally evocative name. Have fun with your new treasures. I look forward to seeing what you create.

  2. absolutely beautiful earrings! As are so many of your creations! Congrats on all the treasuries and the front page!!


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