Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is Spring Really In the Air?

Hey I know my last post, only 3 days ago, was about me enjoying winter but really I am 'normal' - I still do wish for spring! I'm just trying to live in the moment, you know, enjoy each day as it's presented. Well, I have noticed that, even as I sit here wrapped in my grey sweater and warm socks are covering my toes, my thoughts are turning to spring and warmer weather. Without even realizing, in my designs this week I've been choosing lighter and brighter beads. Pinks and purples that could easily be seen as Easter colours and blues that reflect the bright sky and ocean, no not the cold ocean of our Atlantic provinces but more like the Caribbean Sea as it wraps itself around the tropical islands.

These earrings are called "Fresh Breeze" and really aren't they refreshing - like a breath of fresh air. So pretty and delicate and I love the pale sky blue glass beads!

Ok, I know we still have a ways to go before we say goodbye to winter but did you know it's only 45 days until we turn the clocks forward and 58 days until the first day of spring! Now that's a refreshing thought!

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