Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I know, we all like to complain about winter. It's too cold, it's snowy, the roads are icy. I do it myself and there are some days in winter when all I can think about is seeing the first signs of spring. Winter weather can make it difficult to get around and it can make us late in our busy lives and hurt our backs when we have to shovel it. Sometimes the short days and the long winter's can really get to you.

Sometimes though, it's simply beautiful. Yesterday was one of those days. It snowed all day, it had warmed up from the deep freeze of last week and we had no where in particular to be. A perfect combination to enjoy a winter day and evening. It was already dark out but my youngest was still outside making snow angels in the snow.

A little bit of heaven in a long winter.

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  1. You sure make it sound delightful.

    I can't quite say I agree with you though. I'm -done- with winter. Done!


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