Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well if it's not in the air, it's definitely in my head!!

Spring that is...I'm just naturally gravitating toward light, fresh colours right now. Nevermind about the impending snow storm tomorrow or the below freezing temperatures we're currently experiencing, in my mind it seems to be spring.

Sometimes I can get pretty silly when I'm naming my jewellery. These ones had to have 'swirl' in it and the next thing I knew they were named "Swirls Just Wanna Have Fun". Now of course, the whole day I've been singing a certain song and you know what I've realized? Well, it is true swirls and girls do just want to have fun! What more do you need to learn in a day?!

I just love the rosy pink and fuchsia in this necklace. This is one of my Ring of Colour Necklaces. I'm so proud of this design. Wouldn't this look great with a crisp white shirt or a summer tee. A modern, clean design. It's just sweet in it's simplicity.


  1. Very pretty!
    And guess what song is in my head now? LOL

  2. Very beautiful!
    I'm ready for spring!

  3. Beauty designs Nancy! Love em! great blog. Now I have that certain song in my head too. :-)

  4. Oh and YAY TO SPRING THOUGHTS! thanks!!!!


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