Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deep Teal - Fall 2011 Pantone Colors

Teal and Brass Necklace by nancywallisdesigns.

Deep Teal is a strong, blue-toned green. It can reveal the ocean depths and the colours of the sky at twilight. It's one of my favourites and I am forever being drawn to this colour whether it's in the form of a fabric, wall paint or jewellery upon my neck.

Wear it.

Silk Satin Dress by larimeloom.

Merino wool fingerless gloves by Neeka Knits.

Live in it.

 House & Home January 2011 issue
Go for the dramatic with deep teal walls.


  1. When I saw the Pantone teal colour, I thought, hmmmm, not for me. But then you've posted a photo of one of my very favourite necklaces which includes teal so maybe I do like it after all!(I don't own that necklace yet but it is most definitely on my 'wishlist'.)

  2. Love teal! That chair is fabulous. Great picks:)

  3. Thanks Kathleen and Brigitte.

    I think lots of people think the same way about teal. I think it's all in how it's delivered. Maybe not full on for everyone but as an accessory or accent colour it is gorgeous. Just picture it paired with charcoal grey. So chic! Yes it's time to embrace the teal!



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