Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Creative Mess

My obsession with beads is a constant struggle.  I have quite a collection.  I also have bought more organizing containers than you would ever believe all in the hopes of having one of those super clean and organized houses (you know the kind you see in magazines).  One day I'll show you them in all their glory when I get closer to finishing my studio.  It is amazing when they are sorted and organized.  I love being able to go right to the box and find just what I'm looking for. I have a bit of a strange system some are sorted by colour, some by type and some by size but it works for me pretty well.

The thing is though I find I'm the most creative when I'm surrounded by inspiring things.   Lovely piles of little glass beads can literally make my heart skip a beat.  Colours everywhere.  Turquoise, green, pinks and shiny things can make me giddy.  Sometimes the best things happen when working this way.  An unexpected roll of a bead into another pile can stir the most interesting ideas.

I've decided I'm just going to roll with it.  I'm just going to live in my creativity and I guess so is my family. I'm still working on my studio space but I do like our dining room the best. It's bright here and I can have the window open and listen to the birds outside.  My computer is close by, the coffee pot is steps away and of course so are my beautiful beads.  So for now I guess I'm just going to let my beads have their own dinner party at my dining room table.

My new creations.

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