Monday, September 12, 2011

Who's eating our tomatoes?

We didn't plant any new tomatoes this year but while weeding in the spring my husband uncovered a small tomato plant that must have reseeded itself from last year's crop.  Unusual I would think in our climate but a welcome sight nonetheless.  He potted it and staked it and watered it and the little sprig grew.  We were so proud when it actually was growing it's fruit. Only a handful mind you, but really these were like 'borrowed' tomatoes.

There is this fine line when growing your own tomatoes.  How ripe do you let them go on the vine?  We were going for just the perfect red...and we almost had it...

...and then 'someone' took a few nice bites.

I think the culprit might have looked like this after pulling off this deed.

Squirrel photo by ara133photography.

Cheeky little fellow.

Additional note:
My sister Kathleen just directed me to some amazing baby squirrel pictures.  I've never seen pictures of baby squirrels so close up! Check out this blog Resurrection Fern.  It definitely gives me a different perspective on these critters!


  1. Hey Nance -- You really do have your share of wildlife in your backyard.

    You should check out Resurrection Fern's weekend post:

    Those little critters really are quite cute before they become tomato thieves!

  2. I'm not sure why they're not scared of our dog. :)

    I'll check it out.thanks

  3. True. Mabel is quite scary. :)

    Have you considered that Mabel maybe needed a little snack? A little boost of vitamin A and C?


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