Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Weekend.

I've been enjoying this week.  Slowly getting back into work while spending some time with the girls.  Uneventful time, just hanging out together which is just the way I like it. I guess this weekend we'll finally have to take down the Christmas decorations.  It's so strange for me this year as I didn't have the urgent need to pack it all up right after New Year's like I usually do.  The girls are back to school on Monday and I do prefer to have everything taken down and stored away before then.   Together, the four of us can do it pretty quickly.
Mabel on Christmas Day.
I've got the painting bug again. Which feels nice.  The living room is almost finished.  We're still waiting for a chair and lamp to arrive in February and the walls are a bare canvas for some artwork.  When it's all done I'll post the big reveal.  Now I'm ready to start thinking about the front hallway and maybe even the tv room in the basement.

Today's big job involves me replacing our front door lock.  All of the sudden it has decided that enough is enough.  Hopefully I can find something reasonably priced that can get us by for now and that doesn't require alot of adjustment from our current one...and more importantly that it doesn't take the better part of my day and multiple trips to Home Depot.  I guess I should be happy that the temperatures are unusually warm today (7°C) which will help while working with the door open.

* yeah, I've already changed the lock and didn't spend a dime.  I remembered that when I changed the hardware years ago I didn't change the actual lock.  The miracle is not that it didn't take me too long to install but that I had remembered and found the lock in our basement. Go me! Love knocking things like this off the list!!

Have a great weekend everyone.  See you next week.


  1. What a sweet photo of Mabel! Did she break out the doggie champagne when Meeko left with us on Tuesday? :)

  2. hehe - just a mild celebration of sleep - but now she's bored without his silly antics.

  3. Look at that cutie pie face! Mabel sure looks like a sweetie. I'm so glad you were so innovative with your lock. I just love it when things turn out like this!
    x, Val


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