Friday, March 2, 2012

March already?

Well, I can see that I only visited my blog once the whole month of February.  Even with the extra day this year February just kind of went.  Sometimes life can throw you a curveball or two, sometimes it pitches a rainbow over your way as well (which I am thankful for).  I mostly just found myself in a quieter mood this month.  I have lots on my mind but less to say I guess.

I have found myself a few times staring out the window as I work watching the birds in our yard.  The sparrows, chickadees, junkos and our cardinal pair.  I have also come to know a little chipmunk visitor.  He has been amusing me as he jumps on the fence and runs through the garden.  Although only a tiny fellow he has similar mannerisms to our dog.  He hears a noise that startles him and he stops dead in his tracks so not to be noticed. It's quite cute.  Mabel does this as well as she hears me call her name when she tries to get a nice backrub off the front of our brand new couch. I think she figures if she stands still, even if she is literally tipped over with her back firmly glued to the cushion I won't notice. (Actually pretty cute!)

This little chipmunk - I have so uniquely named Chippy - has been eluding me every time I go to get the camera...until today.

It's one of the first times I have been able to use my telephoto lens on my new camera.  I think a tripod would have definitely helped as they do seem a bit blurry but good for a first try.

...ooohh, and so cool as I'm writing this the male cardinal just flew into our backyard.  Such a lovely sight on a gray day!

And I just noticed that both of my last blog posts are dominated by rodents! It's a new idea. Maybe to get out of my writing rut I shall devote this space to all the rodents of the land....or not!

We will be busy tonight helping Erica pack up to go to Africa tomorrow for two weeks with her school and Sydney will be performing in her very first dance competition! Big, exciting things  happening here!
Have a good weekend friends.

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  1. Definitely more rodents please! :) (I think Meeko made me write that.) It's hard to grab a tripod for an impromptu camera shot. I've had the same problem (also finding the camera, having its battery be charged, etc.) Good luck to both Erica and Sydney.


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