Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break

It's amazing what just a few degrees latitude can bring you.  It's March break for us here so we visited my parents up at Lake Muskoka this weekend.  On Friday when we left Whitby, it was freezing with a windchill making it feel like -20°C.  Not far along the highway we were met with snowsqualls, highwinds and overall not fun driving conditions. Although Muskoka  had less snow than it normally does it was a bit of a shock to us as we haven't had any significant snow on the ground for a while.  While only a two hour drive north of us it was definitely still winter at my parents.

Spring was definitely in the air on Sunday.  It was bright and sunny and the temperature climbed to 10°C.

There were definite signs of spring.

 With Muskoka being such a big and busy lake you rarely can see reflections in the water.

 This was my view of the sky while lying on the dock. The sun on my face felt like summer.

Back in Whitby it was 16°C and we were greeted by these at our front doorstep.

Spring is definitely coming!


  1. Gorgeous photos Nancy, looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Beautiful spot for a camp!

  2. Thanks Brigitte and Pegg! It was fun to play around with my camera as I haven't had a chance to do many outside shots yet!

    Hmmm.. that's weird I seem to have lost my reply feature for comments.

  3. Nice! Haven't hit 16C here yet but it was warm yesterday and today.


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