Friday, August 5, 2011

Mystery in the Garden

The other day I came home to this. Some of my plants in my front containers had been uprooted.

Using my awesome detective skills I learned while reading mysteries when I was younger, watching the original and early years of CSI and of course being a mom I figured this mystery out.

Upon closer inspection and deductive reasoning (well I actually just lifted one of the plants) and look what I found.  A peanut.  Well that narrows it down.  I have never tried to grow peanuts nor do I tend to hide them for future use.

I know who you are.  I believe you're the same fellow that has recently come to enjoy straddling the pole of my birdfeeder.  You haven't quite figured that one out as well as I watch you reach the top, arms and legs fully stretched out slide back slowly down the pole.  You're left with eating what's fallen to the ground. The sparrows win again.  I know you'll be back but just remember I'm watching you!

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