Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer time heat.

I am sitting here in my kitchen writing this in the comfort of our air conditioned house. (Thank goodness!)  Outside it is 31° C in the shade and it's pushing 40 with the humidex.  I have been bordering on a migraine today (but I now feel like I'm winning!) so I shall not venture out today except for required drop offs and pick ups. 

Here are some refreshing pictures from our recent trip to the lake and with this I say the summer has officially begun!

We started our summer holidays with a mother-daughter pedicure last Friday.
(A lovely Mother's Day present).

We all chose our favourite shade of pink!

My artsy bubble picture!

 Fun in the lake.

Guard dog.

As the temperatures continue to rise this week I hope you have a cool place to dip your feet in.


  1. Awww Mabel's such a scene stealer!
    What shade of pink is it?

  2. Fabulous and lots of fun! Glad you are feeling better!


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