Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In the Garden this Morning.

Our little robin family has been a bit obsessed with our serviceberry tree this week.   In fact right now they are having a little squabble about it underneath the tree.   It was only after my sister had posted this beautiful photo of her homegrown salad that I remembered you could eat these little berries.  In the past we had tried them but they were very bitter.  I guess our little tree has matured enough now to produce this sweet, blueberry like treat.

We don't have as many on our tree as Kathy has in this bowl but I think I may know why.

I really couldn't believe he let me get this close.  He gripped the berry in his hands until the very last moment. While amazed and snapping photos I did have visions of him  leaping from the branch into my hair.  The memories of a recent dream of flying squirrels is still rather vivid in my mind. :)

The coveted prize.

Yesterday, while weeding in our back garden for the first time this season. (I know some of you are shaking your head in disbelief and disgust!!)  I found this lone, slight stem.  I was pretty sure it was a poppy that had seeded from our neighbour's garden.  Although it had landed in a bit of a strange spot I weeded around it.

Today this beautiful poppy is starting to open up.  I must try to plant these again.  I just love poppies.


  1. You have the best dreams of anyone I know but maybe for good reason. All of those close wildlife encounters. Gosh that sister of yours took a lovely photo of that salad.

    Your poppy gift is beautiful. I used to have California poppies that reseeded themselves each year but they've disappeared. I'll have to sprinkle some more seeds. Yours is a Shirley poppy I think. I need to try some of those.

    1. I know her photo and the colours are fabulous. I hope she didn't eat it. It's just too pretty! :)


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