Monday, June 18, 2012

On the grill.

I think I may be in complete denial about the summer.  Tomorrow is the last day of regular classes and by the end of the week both girls will have finished exams and done for the year. By Wednesday my days will not be my own.  I do love spending time with the girls and I really want the stress of final assignments and exams behind the household but it's always an adjustment for me.

One thing (of many) that I love about summer is cooking on the BBQ.  This hasn't been so much fun in the last year as our grill was quickly falling apart.  So frustrating when yet another appliance breaks down in a short period.  We celebrated Father's Day with a new BBQ for my husband.  They are so beautiful at the beginning with that never been touched grill.  An actual working electronic starter is also such a treat!

Homemade burgers on the grill.  These were made by Sydney and we got the recipe from Canadian Living.  Best Beef Burgers.  Grilled asparagus from our farm box.

 What's a burger without all the fixin's?  This year President's Choice has brought out a Carmelized Red Onion Chutney that is delicious with a burger.  Eating outside is always so great as well.

These boiled new potatoes are so easy and such a hit.  A friend of mine mentioned she puts Club House La Grille BBQ Chicken seasoning on her potatoes.  I've added a drizzle of olive olive oil and sprinkled some garlic chives from the farm.  You can have them hot or cold and if you have any left they might even taste better the next day!

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