Monday, June 4, 2012

Rehearsals, Finales and Birthdays

Hello Monday.We had another busy weekend.  I`m not sure I`ll know what to do with myself if we ever get a weekend off!

We went to two performances of Westside Story at the school.  Erica took Musical Theatre this semester and her and 60 other students have been pouring their heart and soul into the production.  It showed.  It was amazing.  We saw Westside at the Stratford Festival a couple of years ago and this show was equally as good (I think even better!).  Erica was in the pit band playing tenor sax.  These kids literally rocked this extremely difficult score.  Music, band and theatre were such a big part of my life growing up and I`m so happy my girls have been able to experience the thrill of performance and the everlasting friendships it creates.

On Saturday it was the finale of the show and also Erica`s 17th birthday.  Happy Birthday Erica.  This has been quite a year! Show Choir, Westside, Africa!!!!, ski team, working! Wow! We are so proud to you.

While we were at the show on Friday Sydney baked dozens of cupcakes for Erica.

They were delicious!

Sharks vs. Jets!

On Sunday our attention moved to dance rehearsals for Sydney`s recitals this week.  
I can`t wait to see the show!

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  1. Westside sure sounds like it was a wonderful experience for Erica. I've been reading her posts on Facebook. Good luck to Sydney with her recitals.


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