Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh, you're so fresh!

Coming back to the house with Sydney from an appointment this afternoon we were greeted at our front door with our first farm box of the season.  It has been so busy today I had almost forgotten about it.  This will be our third year participating in a local organic farm share.  We just love it.  It's so exciting to get fresh vegetables at the door every Friday.

We have a nice assortment of lettuce, swiss chard, baby bok choy...

...radishes, garlic chives, rutabaga, rhubarb and asparagus.

We were lucky this week to even get a small box of strawberries. Yum! Tonight we'll start with a big romaine salad with strawberries and maybe some grilled asparagus to go with it.  I'm already thinking of a rhubarb coffee cake for tomorrow.

It may not be official until next week but for us this marks the first day of summer!
Happy Weekend friends.


  1. Tasty. Pass the radishes please. Beautiful photos too.

  2. Thanks Brigitte! We're looking forward to some fresh meals this weekend!

  3. Beautiful colours! There is always a little break between our winter baskets and summer baskets. Ours haven't started yet and it always feels a little strange without them!


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