Thursday, February 5, 2009

28 Days of Random Kindness - Act IV

Helping out a new Etsy seller

This morning I started thinking about my start at Etsy. It was last April and after weeks and months of thinking about it I decided to take that plunge. It was so exciting. I remember the feeling I had as my first listing went live. That feeling of anticipation that maybe someone might buy it in the first few seconds. Well, that actually didn't happen. In fact, I didn't sell anything that first day, or the first week. I had to push the self doubt away and just keep listing new items, learning more about Etsy and try and find my way into the forums. Finally it came, it was an overnight sale (they are always so exciting) and it was on the 25th day. Looking back it really wasn't that long but it sure felt like it at the time.

Well, here I am over nine months later, and I've had some reasonable success. Nowhere near the sales numbers as some of the most successful sellers, or even the fairly successful sellers, but for me I'm happy right now. I thought maybe today I could help someone get their first sale. Nothing's better than that feeling of the first sale and the happy dance around the house. I wanted to pass that feeling onto someone new. So I checked out the Pounce search feature. It's fun. You can choose undiscovered shops and hit the button and it will show you three pictures of shops that have recently listed but not sold anything. In doing this you realize just how much talent is out there. This is where I found the shop Modern Bean.

Modern Bean specializes in the sweetest hair clips made of wool felt and each are hand embroidered. I love the modern designs and colour combinations. As a Mom, she started to make them for her own children and I'm so glad she's now sharing them with us. They look so well made, they are very reasonably priced, her pictures are great and she ships Internationally.

So, if you have a moment visit this lovely shop. I'm going to do a little promoting in the forums and on twitter and who knows maybe I'll be passing on the happy dance to someone else today.


  1. What a wonderful shop! And a wonderful post about a wonderful shop. Good luck to Modern Bean on her etsy adventures!

  2. I actually did happy dance today because of your kindness :-)
    Thank you for feauturing my new shop!
    modern bean


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