Friday, February 6, 2009

28 Days of Random Kindness - Act V

Being kind to myself

This morning was not a good morning for me. I woke up with a headache. I hate starting the day that way. It certainly takes the fun out of a Friday!

As I was searching for my Advil Liquid Gels for migraines in the cupboard I had to shuffle aside the regular strength Advil (that wasn't going to do) the Children's Advil (nope, not that either) , the kid's daily vitamins, Men's vitamins, Women's vitamins (oh, haven't had one of those recently) and the Vitamin D supplements (ouch, on that as well). It occurred to me that I had not been taking my vitamins and supplements regularly at all. It was far from a daily habit, or even weekly, let's try bi-weekly, or more like little spurts I'd remember 3 days in a row and then none for another week or two. Something so simple should be easy to do.

There have been alot of studies recently that show the health benefits of vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin). Some research has found it can guard against osteoporosis and may offer protection from breast and colon cancer, heart disease and dementia.
In Canada our northern latitude may be great for skiing but from October to March the sunlight is too feeble for Vitamin D production. During this time, our bodies draw down the stored Vitamin D built by summer sunshine, and whatever is acquired from supplements or diet.

So I'm going to fill my little weekly plastic pill container with my vitamins and supplements today and make a concerted effort to take them daily. Sometimes it's hard for me to take the time for myself, to think of myself. If I'm healthier, I'll be happier and I'll end up being a better mom, wife, friend and neighbour and at the least I'll make my doctor happy. It's ok to be kind to yourself and today I hope my little random act of kindness to myself brings a not so random effort to better my health.

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  1. nancy, it's true. we need to love and care for ourselves in order to care for and love others - the dear ones - in our lives.

    i'm truly enjoying your random acts of kindness blog posts.


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