Monday, February 16, 2009

28 Days of Random Kindness - Act XII

Sharing time with the family

Well, it's a designated Family Day here so it's only fitting that we're spending some family time together. We're not doing anything too extraordinary, not visiting anywhere that has an admission price or even travelling too far away but we did decide to spend the day together.

This afternoon we took a beautiful walk down by Lake Ontario. We started in a conservation area that has some lovely ducks and geese and chickadees that will feed right out of your hands.

We didn't realize that dogs weren't allowed there so we had to make a quick change of plans to the all-inclusive boardwalk. At a certain junction in the path we took a right when most people take a left. There we revisited a spot that our girls had loved when they were little. They would spend time down there, especially with their Dad, throwing rocks in the water and watching the ripples, picking up pieces of driftwood and checking out the hundreds of ladybugs (forever known as "Ladybug Alley" to our family). It is one of those strange things that seems somehow like just yesterday, but yet, so long ago.

Today was one of those moments right in between seasons. Icicles dripping over rippling waters. The sun on your face feels as warm as a spring day, but below you the snow and ice will remind you that it's still winter. Every so often an occasional greenish sprout of grass poking through forecasts that spring is on it's way.

I think our girls are in a similar position in their lives. They are just slightly caught on the side of winter (so to speak), but before long I know days at home spent with the family and walks together will become fewer as they choose spending time with friends over family. Their spring is right around the corner.

These days are the kind I'll cherish, simple walks with the whole family.

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