Tuesday, February 3, 2009

28 Days of Random Kindness - Act II

Brought and used my reusable grocery bags

A couple of years ago I was one of a few who were carting around reusable bags to the grocery store. I was good about remembering to bring them as I had a pretty good system set up. The minute they were emptied in the kitchen they went straight back into the car. Easy. Well, as time went on my little routine got messed up and it was definitely not more, but less times that I was actually getting them to the store.

Well, today I made a point of grabbing them from the laundry room (o.k. the previous system has totally broken down!) before I left for the store. With a cart full of groceries I realized I had left them in the car. Usually, I would have just left them there and sheepishly used the plastic bags but not today. I decided to be kind to the environment. I stashed my cart to the side of the produce section and ran (well, walked quickly) back to the van. Hey, that really wasn't that hard I mean the parking lot is right beside the store!

So, along the lines of what Martha might say, it's a little thing, but it's a good thing and I did it.


  1. love it, nancy! great ideas! love your fabulous blog!!

  2. You have shammed me into admitting I have not ran back out to the car to get my bags. I will from now on. Good Girl!!


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