Saturday, February 21, 2009

28 Days of Random Kindness - Act XV

Helped a couple in the parking lot

So I ended up at Costco on a Saturday morning. What was I thinking? It's enough to navigate the aisles of food and products on a weekday but to add the weekend traffic of people it's no easy task. I had specifically gone for a few items that I was pretty sure they would have. They did (and some other things as well!). Almost $300 later, I left pushing my cart to the parking lot.

Parking spaces were at a premium this morning. As a result quite a few of us had parked a little bit away from the store. Less congested but definitely a little trickier and more effort to return a cart to the shopping cart return area.

After unloading and returning my cart I walked back to my car. A senior couple...ok, let me first explain senior as I hesitate to use it because my mom will question me on how old these seniors were (she hates it when they describe an elderly couple in the paper only to find out they're in their 60's). So yes, I would think they were in their late 60's/early 70's and the husband definitely was struggling a bit walking. So, this couple, that let's just say that were older than me {smile to my mom}, had finished unloading and seemed to be looking to see where to return the cart. So, I just said I could put it back for them. They looked a little surprised but smiled and said thank you.

Wow, that was easy. This whole kindness thing might just become a habit with me.

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  1. Keep spreading the word and acts of kindness. It's very addicting. :-)


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