Sunday, February 8, 2009

28 Days of Random Kindness - Act VII

Donated socks to a local charity

A local charity is trying to collect new socks for children in the area. Apparently there are many children who show up at school with either no socks or socks so thin or worn out that they no longer can keep a child's feet warm during the winter months. It made me sad to think of these children without socks and how it must make their parents sad as well that for whatever reason, they can't provide them for their children.

We so commonly hear about toy drives at Christmas to give a child a toy, which is sad as well, but not having socks in a cold climate with such long winters just really hit me.

We thought in our own small way we could help. This weekend we went out and bought several pairs of socks of different sizes and colours and brought them for the charity today. It felt good to do and I hope we can warm the soles of some little feet soon.

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