Sunday, February 22, 2009

28 Days of Random Kindness - Act XVI

Donated food to food bank

We have a local food bank in our community and they rely totally on donations by members of the community. It can be difficult to keep the shelves stocked, especially in times like this. There have been some weeks during the year when they have to shut their doors and turn people away because they don't have enough food to give out. It's hard to think of that person, who relies on the food bank, being turned away empty handed. Imagine how they would feel not being able to feed themselves and their children that week.

In the past I have occassionaly supported food banks during their food drives at Easter and Christmas, eagerly donated to kids and organizations that have collected at our door and my own girls have organized food drives at their schools. Today we brought in packages of spaghetti, cans of tomato sauce, cans of tuna and a two huge jars of peanut butter. I hope this can help someone this week.


  1. Way to go, Nancy! You're kicking some kindly butt here, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is awesome blogging of an awesome subject. Thanks for sharing in a BIG way and a tangible way. It motivates the rest of us. Thanks Nancy.

  3. I like to think fate led me to your blog. Your acts of random kindness are inspiring. Please check out my blog:
    Thank you.


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