Sunday, February 8, 2009

28 Days of Random Kindness - Act VI

Smile while you drive

So I've been making a point of trying to be a nicer driver in the last week. I feel like I'm a pretty nice driver most of the time. I stop at stop signs, I give pedestrians the right of way, I signal when changing lanes and I let people in most of the time. But this week was a bit different. I made a point of smiling at people while driving. Not some, mad, crazed-like smile, just a pleasant smile. As I waved someone in ahead of me I smiled. As I drove past the school crossing guard I gave her a smile. You wouldn't believe how many people responded back with a smile.

Instead of getting all frustrated and annoyed in the shopping centre parking lot I came out calm and somewhat peaceful. I had exchanged a rather nice moment with a women who was making an extremely wide turn around a pile of snow. But instead of getting mad I just pulled my car over to the right as far as it could go so that her car could get by. I just smiled at her as she came around and she smiled and kind of made a funny face at me because she knew she had taken the corner too wide. But really what did it matter? Was it that hard for me to move over a bit. No, and what's the point of yelling at someone for doing that. So instead of shaking my head at the wonderment of some people's driving skills and cursing under my breath, I just smiled to myself and drove along in my merry way. It was nice.

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